Venue Finding

Venue Finding Service from Integrity Events

What an amazing week it’s been at Integrity.

Graeme’s back, Teleconferences, Brownies, Venue Finding and National Pet Day!

First, we’re glad to welcome Graeme back from paternity leave. We’re sure he misses being with his baby boy but we’re not sure if he gets more peace and quiet in the office or at home.

There’s been plenty of teleconferences taking place this week as we power towards finalising arrangements on some of our upcoming events. Site visits are great but not always possible and often email correspondence can stifle creativity so our regular chats with all involved help to keep things moving in the right direction.

Lindsey has had the enviable job of venue finding in Rome and Munich. Conducting these searches from her desk here in Edinburgh highlights the importance of having a good quality website to showcase your venue and easy to access information about sizes, prices and capacity.

Homemade Brownies for the Integrity Events team

Lindsey also treated the team to a tray of home baked chocolate brownies made to Nigella Lawsons recipe. They didn’t last long and kicked off an office debate about how to slice a tray bake! (yes, there is a wrong way.)

We celebrated National Pet Day on Thursday. It’s scientifically proven that having dogs in the office puts everyone in a good mood (the brownies also help). Petting a dog can lower your blood pressure and reduce stress so we’re happy to have them here.

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