Using Tech at our Tech Event in Rome

At our big Tech event organised in Rome recently, delegates went back to hotels at the end of the first day bristling with ideas and inspiration, their minds racing.

For one delegate however, there was a terrifying discovery on arrival at the hotel, that his smartphone was still on the transfer bus!

You may have experienced that sinking feeling……the realization that you may have lost the phone forever.. then it hits you… the full impact of losing calendar, contacts, flight details, boarding passes for your trip home and more!

Tech event management

As quick as a flash, our colleague Graeme came to the rescue; he thoughtfully checked that the ‘findmyiPhone’ setting was enabled, and what followed was straight out of the movies as the Integrity Transport Manager directed local representatives to track down the vehicle, following the signal around the streets of Rome.

Upon finding the bus and convincing the driver to pull over, the phone was located on an empty seat, and returned to a very relieved owner!

In amongst the massive amount of planning and work that goes into a large conference and exhibition event such as this, there are occasions where one small thing is a big deal to one person. Each situation presents an opportunity for us to show what we can do in that moment too. Loving your work Graeme!

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Check out the video of the event taken by the wonderful Brighter Productions who delivered outstanding technical services for the event.

Graeme King