Walking on Sunshine

The topic of conversation in the office this week has been the sunshine. As I imagine it has been in most office across the UK and Europe.

With temperatures in the city of Edinburgh pushing past the 30 degrees Celsius mark we have discussed thermal dynamics, office attire and favourite ice lollies.

We’re fortunate to work with a director who watches out for our welfare, ensuring we keep hydrated, stocking the freezer with ice and refreshing lollies and allowing the guys to work in their shorts. It’s the small things that keep us productive.

Outside the conversations we have been busy securing accommodation for delegates, booking flights and transfers and managing conference registration. With a few of our colleagues away on site and others taking advantage of the weather to take some time off, the mood has been more relaxed than in previous weeks although this could be because, due to our new office layout, my calming influence is being spread around.

The news of our recent appointments of Jill and Sam have reached the event and business news publications and this organisational growth is having a positive effect on the number of enquiries we’re receiving. No doubt there will be more busy days to come.

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