Photo Day

This week saw the arrival of that moment we all dread. It had been put off long enough but with the recent coverage in event industry and Scottish business news features, it had to happen.

The new members of the team had to get their headshots for the website!

Of course, you never like the outcome when it’s a photo of yourself and being relaxed in front of the camera doesn’t come naturally for everyone. You can check how they look below and read their bio’s on our Meet the Team page.

Andrew Allan Project ExecutiveJill Davidson Event Manager


Noticeably absent is Sam who managed to be away on a site visit in San Diego. It’s a long way to go to avoid getting your photo taken! She was checking out venues and hotels for one of our upcoming events, as was Kate who was away in Rome.

We’ve mentioned the importance of site visits before and if your current event organiser isn’t doing it you need to find out why!

The Edinburgh Festival has begun in the city and we have been looking through the listings to find something to see. Look out for our review in the coming weeks.