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Event Services Site Visit to Vilnius

Site visits, partnerships, future events, audits and learning about leaders

We have event managers out on site visits again this week. Exploring the ancient city of Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania. Our visit there will also help us gain some future venue partners in this wonderful part of the world.

Activities in the office rarely stop and to add to our site visits we have been planning for events in Frankfurt and have already had contracts through for conferences in 2021.

CoffeeIt’s that time of year when our finance team find themselves busy with audits.If we keep the coffee coming and add in an occasional treat I’m sure they will survive.

At the beginning of the week several of our event managers had the amazing opportunity to attend a Vistage Executive Summit where the Key Note Speaker was the fabulous David Marquet @ldavidmarquet . It’s safe to say we all walked away with minds racing and are working together to implement our learnings into every day office life