Flying Taxis?

Flying Taxi

A small yet incredibly important element of any travel booking is the airport transfer. After all, get this wrong and you could be stuck at the airport and at the mercy of the local taxi firms.

A lot of planning goes into making sure that our delegates and VIPs arrive at their destinations relaxed having had a stress-free travel experience. So it is with a mixture of intrigue, excitement and trepidation that we read the recent reports about autonomous, driver-less taxis and better still, flying taxis!

Yes, you read that right, FLYING TAXIS!

This article explains how Uber, the transportation network company is planning trials in three cities from 2020. Dallas, Los Angeles and Melbourne, reducing the journey time from the airport to Melbourne’s central business district from one hour to just ten minutes. According to the article, they would envisage a commercial service by 2023.

And its not just Uber, the Paris Transport Authority is looking into the feasibility of airport transfers by flying taxi during the 2024 Paris Olympics. This article explains how they plan to have a taxi ‘take off’ every six minutes. And it’s not too far-fetched, a test flight of a flying car has just taken place in Japan.

Flying Car

Picture credits to Sky News

It only hovered for about a minute but these advances come hot on the heels of a successful test of a driver-less taxi in Tokyo. Again, with the world stage of the Olympics in 2020 seemingly a driving factor in the rush to make this viable, their autonomous mini van has made 4 round trips a day on a busy stretch of road, so far without incident.

I imagine, at some point, this will be the norm however, I can already imagine what that first flying taxi journey might feel like and for now, I’m happy to stick to the chatty cabbie, even if it does take longer.