Conversations about Kiwi Fruits

Fun Fact Kiwi Fruit

In some workplace environments, the busier it gets the noisier it gets.

The opposite seems to be true here at Integrity. When we get busy we all become very focussed. At times you could literally hear a pin drop which is why it’s important that we look out for each other. Wellness in the officeMaking cups of tea, bringing in cake and of course, a big bowl of fresh fruit. We’re a city center Edinburgh events company but we still have space for a table and chairs outside our office and these have been well used this week as colleagues take a break from their desks. In essence we’re ensuring wellness whilst supporting each other.

Our pursuit of sustainability and the paperless office took another step closer this week as we introduced Microsoft Teams into some of our projects. We’re all still getting used to it but so far so good.

One of our more obscure discussions has been about the Kiwi Fruit. Andy told us that it was a man made fruit. Scarlett didn’t believe him and much Googling ensued. We arrived at the conclusion that Andy could be (is definitely) incorrect. The Kiwi Fruit was originally called the Chinese Gooseberry. It was imported in seed form to New Zealand where it was successfully grown and in order to commercialise its sale it was renamed as The Kiwi Fruit. (Sources Here)

All of this has led to the creation of Integrity’s Fun Fact Friday so expect more interesting and obscure revelations in the weeks to come.