Confex highlights

Confex 2018 exhibition space

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Integrity had a great time at Confex this week and we were delighted to catch up with friends and exhibitors both old and new! As well as checking out new and innovative products, we are always keen to see how other organisations run major events and it was good to see the self-printing option that we currently offer clients used to good effect at an event the size of Confex.

It is always fun to catch up with the Shocklogic team – they provide an intuitive and user-friendly registration system that we have used for several events. Their CEO John Martinez delivered a topical session on GDPR for event organisers. This is something Integrity has a dedicated team working on to ensure we are fully compliant by the time the regulations come into effect on 25 May 2018.

New technology is one of our main interests and we consider it a key driver for attending industry shows like Confex… and we did not leave disappointed! From event apps ( to robot vending machines ( to conference translation software (; we had a great time checking out the latest innovations to offer our clients. If you have an event tech challenge let us know and we will find a solution!

Confex was a great opportunity to catch up with friends from several venues we have worked with before and some we are working with on current client events. We held a busy client conference at the Bournemouth International Centre in 2017 and it’s a venue we would be keen to return to… if not for the beach alone! The Scottish Event Campus was flying the flag for Scotland and we had a good chat (mostly about how we would get home in the snow!). Both Harrogate Convention Centre and Conference Eastbourne are fantastic venues that we hope to visit soon as they have some fantastic facilities to offer. Further afield, we were delighted to meet colleagues from the Kenyatta Conference Centre in Nairobi, Kenya which offers a fantastic venue for our international clients.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable time at Confex and met some fantastic companies that Integrity are excited to work with to ensure your event is the best it can be. We’re always learning though and are looking forward to joining colleagues at the ABPCO Round Table Event on UK healthcare regulatory compliance: the implications for the Medical Society meeting in London on 27 March.