Oh, Vienna!

Conference Event Management

It might mean nothing to Ultravox but Vienna means a lot to us as our conference event management services step up a gear. Not to be outdone, we’re also finalising our Dublin conferences and reviewing locations for 2020 events in Berlin and Budapest.

Venue finding is one of our core conference event management services and usually just the beginning of a much larger project resulting in amazing event delivery.

The office has been buzzing again as we all team together on a proposal. Each of us working on our sections and collaborating to bring it all together ready to be presented to our client.

The sunny days have had us all in a great mood and the office freezer has been stocked with ice lollies, which have helped combat the excess cayenne pepper used in Kate’s cheese scones (we loved them Kate!)

Kate and Jill attended the Hilton 100 year celebration at the Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh. A 1920’s themed event catered by Mark Greenaway (@markgreenaway), with a live band and champagne flute waterfall. A lively evening which was thoroughly enjoyed, thank you for the invitation.

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