ACPGBI Bournemouth

An annual meeting with exhibition for 860 delegates

ACPGBI Bournemouth

We worked with ACPGBI in 2014 for the first time, although their (then) Treasurer knew about our work through ESCP and we were asked to support them on the Tripartite Colorectal meeting which brought together both clients as co-organisers.

The event was a big success, and three years later we have worked with ACPGBI on their 2016 and 2017 events in Edinburgh and Bournemouth. We have a great rapport with the Committee, and they now know that whatever they ask of us, we will not only deliver, but will give everything it takes to ensure that it is exceptional, whilst making their lives easier in the process.

What did they need?

ACPGBI elect their President annually, giving them responsibility for the annual conference, so we realise the importance of supporting and enabling that vision to be fully realised. The President wanted to achieve an informal feel to the meeting in Bournemouth without detracting from his highly stimulating ideas for sessions, and he engineered a collaboration with Scandinavian societies to add value to the programme. The goal was to have an element of fun with a highly engaging programme that people would really remember.

What we delivered

  • An extensive venue review, strong negotiation, support through contract stages
  • Innovative, and dependable management and planning at the BIC, pushing the venue to an exacting level of detail to ensure they gave only their best.
  • Sound project management skills working with companies including Brighter Productions and other suppliers such as the BIC
  • Programme, Committee, Head Office – coordination between committee officers ensuring smooth communication, their London HQ office, and their long-standing exhibition organiser, supporting them through the intricacies of programme development and ultimately the delivery of a range of innovative sessions including a TED-talk style session, and a team building workshop involving sand and castles!
  • A reliable delegate registration service with a personal touch, providing online registration and accommodation booking and a super-efficient registration service at the event.
  • Marketing of the event to attract optimal attendance, organising key speaker profiles to enhance a sustained e-marketing campaign; we set up and managed the event website and conference app, vital to the “paperless” event they wanted. Social media activity was terrific, a record of over 2m impressions on Twitter.
  • Dependable financial management; that they could be sure of the certainty of a good financial result without any compromise on quality.