Case Studies

Demonstrating the difference Integrity makes

Take a look through these event management case studies to see how Integrity works for a variety of clients in different sectors. No matter what the context, our approach is always the same: highly skilled planning and a very flexible attitude, delivering a five star quality of service and the best value.

We are selective about the clients and events we take on each year, ensuring each client can enjoy an outstanding outcome.

Tech Client Conference and Exhibition

A three-day meeting for Microsoft, with 1,800 attendees.

Intercept Pharmaceuticals

Delivering excellence and value for their European Investigator meetings since 2008


Profitable Association Congress delivery since 1999 releasing funds for other Society initiatives

ACPGBI Bournemouth

An annual meeting with exhibition for 860 delegates

Tripartite Congress

A four-day international conference with exhibition, attended by over 1,600 delegates