A great venue experience…

Generous buffet

How refreshing to sit in a full-day meeting and experience really great attention to detail and service from a venue! Virtually everything I could need as a delegate was met at the very efficient etc.venues at Fenchurch Street in London. I attended a Vistage sales forum last month, and heard from incredibly good speakers (which goes without saying where Vistage is concerned), but I found myself complimenting the Vistage Team just as much about their choice of venue as the content itself.

What was so good I hear you ask? The venue is laid out well logistically, all meeting rooms lead off a pleasant, well furnished, large foyer, that doubles as a super area for lunch.  A great welcome at the venue’s own reception desk directed me to the Vistage event. The room was set up to capacity, and yet on half-round tables for cabaret style seating, we all had space, could talk to each other, and see the speaker with ease and no straining of necks. The room temperature was even and spot on all day, no fluctuations, no draughts! The technical team also delivered; three screens provided great visibility, and sound was well managed.

What impressed me above all however, was the food! It’s generally accepted in this business that (apart from good Wi-Fi!) the top two satisfiers for any delegate are a good experience in their seat, and secondly, in what they eat – both things we strive to deliver at Integrity. The buffet lunch available at etc.venues was outstanding. Because it was available to delegates of all meetings at the venue, the buffet was substantial, providing loads of choice that includes an impressive array of healthy and delicious salads together with hot dishes, desserts, and cheese board. I went back into the afternoon session feeling satisfied but not too full, and nutritionally had scored highly on my nine-a-day fruit and veg target (you thought it was five a day?!).

Thank you etc.venues from one very happy delegate! We hope to have a reason to visit you again soon!

Lindsey Whitehouse